My name is Bri and welcome to my little site, The Baker and Company. I created this site because (as a mom), I am always cooking meals for my family on a daily basis. I also have a passion for cooking and wanted to document my recipes for others (I am always asked for my recipes, but truth be told, I don’t actually use any)! The name for the blog is in honor of a book I wrote in the third grade, The Baker.

More about me:

I am a wife and mom to three pre-teen girls (this means constant drama around my house!).

I was born and raised in Minnesota (and still live here today).

I have worked in digital marketing for 15 years.

My Food Philosophy

I love cooking all types of dishes, so the recipes I share on this site will not be diet restricted. That doesn’t mean I will avoid recipes that are gluten free or paleo, it’s just not the main focus for me. A majority of the recipes will be made from whole foods and natural ingredients. I am also always busy, so I like recipes to be easy to follow, cooked in a short amount of time and to use the least amount of dishes as possible.

Thank you for checking out the site!